The Toothbrush Challenge

 Plastic toothbrushes are extremely bad for our environment.  The “Toothbrush Pollution” section explains why.  So, I want to start a challenge at my school – a toothbrush challenge.

I want to challenge all the kids (and teachers) at my school to hand in their plastic toothbrushes.  I will collect these plastic toothbrushes, package it and mail them to a waste company called TerraCycle in New Jersey. TerraCycle knows how to melt and properly recycle plastic toothbrushes so that they don't end up in our oceans. TerraCycle will even pay the mailing costs for me !

In exchange for their plastic toothbrush, I want to give each kid that participates, an environment-friendly and 95% bio-degradable bamboo toothbrush for free. Hopefully, they will keep on using these instead, and also challenge their parents to do it !

I need to buy enough bamboo brushes to give one to each kid.  I cannot buy them all myself.  If you want to help, please go to the section “Help Me”.