Please Help Me

Bamboo BrushesI cannot buy them all myself.  Would you please help me to buy enough of them?

Amazon They are about  $1.25 to $1.87 per brush, depending on the quantity you buy. You can take a look at them on Amazon.  What I like about these – apart from the fact that they are 95% degradable – is that they are not packaged or wrapped in plastic. They come packaged in 100% bio-degradable cardboard and paper.  A note about the nylon bristles on these bamboo toothbrushes … All toothbrushes have nylon bristles. Currently there is just no safe and environment-friendly alternative to make toothbrush bristles from. The nylon bristles make these toothbrushes only 95% degradable, but it still is far better than an all-plastic toothbrush which is 0% degradable.

Since I am 8 years old, I don’t have a bank account. So the easiest way to ”donate” to my challenge, is to order some of these toothbrushes on Amazon and have it directly shipped to my school.

Anna Maria Elementary - Toothbrush Challenge
4700 Gulf Drive North
Holmes Beach, FL,  34217

IMPORTANT : If you choose to order, please add a short note to your order during the Amazon checkout.  Look for the Amazon Giftto add a note to your order.  In this note, please tell me your name, or company name, and your email address. That way I can send you a personal thank you note. Or just go to my Contact page and please send me an email from there with your name and how many toothbrushes you sent me. I would like to thank you for helping me.

It is OK if you choose not to help me in this challenge. But would you please consider to properly dispose of your plastic toothbrush and start using a more environment friendly toothbrush instead ?